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'The revolution cannot triumph without the emancipation of women.' -Thomas Sankara #message

'The revolution cannot triumph without the emancipation of women.' -Thomas Sankara #message

Incarcerated For Writing Science Fiction


White filmmaker Gus Van Sant and others make films about a school shootings and win awards.

A black teacher writes a science fiction novel about a school shooting that takes place in the year 2902 and he’s suspended from his teaching job, taken in for “emergency medial evaluation,” his premises and workplace are searched for weapons and bombs, and he’s barred from stepping foot on school grounds.

This is that BUGGED shit that America be on.

They need to be watching these white boys more closely since they the main ones that be shooting up the fucking schools.

Writing while black.

Well, shit.

I better be more careful now!

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My eternal #MCM All our brothers in the struggle #black power #brown power #yellowpower #redpower

My eternal #MCM All our brothers in the struggle #black power #brown power #yellowpower #redpower






Some white woman just asked me (awkwardly) for a foundation that was MY skin tone and red or pink lipstick because she was going to an Africa themed party.

Someone give me the strength to keep my hands to myself.

YOOOOO did she just ask…

I work at a makeup counter -_-


Literally pushed out of the store after leaving me with this little gem:

Manager: Ma’am, you cannot ask a black woman for the supplies for blackface-

Her: It is a COSTUME! Like, why are you being so damn difficult!? It is a party for AFRICA! I have to be black, OBVIOUSLY!?

Me: Can’t you be a lion or something? They live in Africa-

Her: Don’t be stupid.

Manager: I know your intentions, and we don’t do that here. Please leave.

Her: I’m really sick of you guys playing the victim here. You’re acting like I asked for a Hitler costume!

Me: Security, can you please do something?

Her: *being pushed out* I should have NEVER asked a nigger for help! All you people do is complain about everything and sit on your asses with no jobs, lazy people!

Me: You are AT MY JOB RIGHT NOW, you crazy bitch!

In short, I am REALLY over some white people today.

You handled that so well. Frankly, I would have had my foot in her ass.

Bitch was whilin. Lucky her ass was escorted out and nothing else. Ignorant cunt.

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rip aaliyah and thank you for all the relevant looks you gave us in this video that came out 13 years ago

dream come to life

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